Garivity Park
Gravity Park Safety


Maximum Enjoyment in a Safe Environment

How do we define Safety?

Safety is our number one priority. We focus on maximizing safety for everyone in the park. Customers, spectators and our staff.
At Gravity Park safety is a team effort, everyone is involved and dedicated to it. To ensure a customer’s safety, Gravity Park follows safety guidelines for Operations, Equipment and Infrastructure.
Activity masters working with trained employees take special care for your safety all the time when you are at the Park.


What safety processes and procedures do we follow?

Gravity Park’s safety procedures are continually checked and updated in accordance with international industry standards.
Code of practice for Bungy Jumping AS/NZS 5848:2000.
ASTM F2959-16 Standard Practice for Aerial Adventure Courses
ASTM F2291-16 Standard Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices
Tourism Industry Association New Zealand. High Wire and Swing Activity Safety Guideline
Gravity Park is an active member of the ASTM team re-writing/updating the Bungy Jumping standard.


What can you do to ensure Safety?

You must be in good health.
Before swinging make sure you are well rested
Tell the staff if you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy, fragile skin, fractures or dislocations, asthma, or any other conditions you are unsure about. Read the medical board at reception and then inform us of any conditions that apply. Everyone going onto the platform must read, acknowledge and sign a waiver form, as part of the registration process.
Anyone having a serious medical condition and/or has suffered physical injury in the past should consult a doctor before booking. With certain type of physical injury, the Activity Master at Gravity Park can advise you on a particular way to perform the activity for minimum stress on the injury.
Kindly understand, if you fail to report your medical condition prior to the activity, Gravity Park will not be held responsible for any problems.
Alcoholic beverages before the activity are highly prohibited.


How do we ensure safety?

Gravity Park uses modern equipment designed by specialists and produced by international companies and our infrastructure is designed to exacting Japanese standards and complies with all regulations.
All of our equipment is checked daily and our quality assurance system logs all equipment used and schedules maintenance checks.
All customers are connected to safety lines at all times while in the park and before you take the plunge, we give you a briefing. You and your equipment will be checked and double checked.