Canyon Bungee

The Canyon Bungee at Gravity Park is Japan’s newest bungee jump – a smooth and safe 50m jump out over the scenic Chichibu canyon valley. This is the first bungee jump from a jump deck suspended only by wires in Japan (different from the Tower Bungee and Bridge Bungee).

Take in the scenic surrounds of the dramatic river valleys Chichibu national park is famous for and let our experts guide you through the process and safety precautions, and experience your first (or 50th!) jump on the closest bungee jump to Tokyo!

Bungee floating bridge icon

Floating bungee deck

50m High


¥14,000 per jump

Gravity Park Important Info


You must be at least 15
years old.


The minimum weight to jump is 40kg (88 pounds)
The maximum weight to jump is 113 kg (247 pounds)
Please note this weight is when clothed and person must be able to fit into a harness.


Customers must be at
least 140 cm tall.


Please plan to be onsite for at least 30 minutes (+15 minutes per additional person)
Check in at reception → Harness → Canyon walk → Bungy jump → Canyon walk → Finish
Please arrive at the reception exactly at the reserved time.


Please make sure you wear
sturdy enclosed shoes
(Laces tied tight!)

No open-toed shoes or high heels allowed.


It is possible to hire a GoPro with a selfie stick and jump while holding it (3000 yen).
Staff are not allowed to film due to operational reasons.

One jump ¥14,000~

Same day second jump¥5,000~

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We’ve built Japan’s most exciting adrenaline adventure area for all levels.

There is the Canyon Walk, a fun and scary 100m footbridge to cross, the Canyon Fly, a classic zipline soaring over the valley, and the even more thrilling Canyon Swing!

Our staff will guide you on the day to whether you want to add a walk, fly or swing on your visit, or contact us in advance to do everything!

Gravity Park Bridge

Canyon Walk

Canyon Fly Gravity Park

Canyon Fly

Canyon Fly Gravity Park

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Gravity Park Bungy

Canyon Bungee

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Canyon Super Zip