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Chichibu Geo Gravity Park


Chichibu Geo Gravity Park offers guests an outdoors experience filled with excitement and adrenaline. Designated a tourism development zone, Gravity park is in the middle of a National Geo Park. All activities are designed using the natural terrain and to play with GRAVITY, and as soon as you come through the gates you can feel the pull.
CANYON WALK is designed as Japan’s scariest wire bridge. Look down and you will see the emerald green waters of the Arakawa river 50 meters sparkling below. CANYON FLY is a dual zipline running above the bridge, where you can fly across the canyon like a bird and take in the breathtaking scenery of the Chichibu valley. CANYON SWING is our newest activity, and is like a combination of a bungy jump and huge swing.
More activities are planned unique to GRAVITY PARK…  so watch this space for your adrenaline fix.
It’s all about GRAVITY 9.81m/s

Our Motto at Gravity Park is

Maximum Enjoyment in a safe environment

The safety of our customers is our number 1 priority, click here to know more about how we ensure your safety.

Our Team

Gravity Park’s team comprises of 10 members who love doing adventure sports and represent the ultimate innovation and commitment to excel in adventure tourism. The experienced and skilled Activity Masters guide and take care of you during your time in the park. You will have a heart-pumping experience and be 100% safe.


Gravity Park Bridge

Canyon Walk

Challenge yourself and walk across Japan’s scariest bridge surrounded by the mountains and rivers of the Chichibu Valley.

Canyon Fly Gravity Park

Canyon Fly

Two ziplines across Japan’s most dramatic and scenic canyon.
Fly across and back
and feel like
a Super Hero

Canyon Fly Gravity Park

Canyon Swing

Take Gravity to the next level and dare yourself to swing across the canyon.
Capture all the beauty and thrills that Chichibu has to offer and feel the full adrenaline of Gravity Park.

Gravity Park Bungy

Canyon Bungy

Feel the ups and downs of Gravity first hand with a Bungy Jump.

Coming soon.

Super Zip

Canyon Super Zip

For the super adventurous looking to truly escape Gravity.

Coming soon.