Garivity Park
Canyon Swing

The biggest scariest swing you’ll ever ride

How High – – REALLY HIGH

How Scary – – REALLY SCARY

How Fun – – TOO MUCH

Tandem is more fun but if your friends won’t join you – take a stuffed animal along for the ride!

For more safety details, Click Here

47m Drop

Gravity Park Arc

145° degrees

Gravity Park Speed

Free fall + Centrifugal force

Solo ¥11,000
Tandem ¥22,000

Gravity Park Important Info


You must be at least 15
years old.


Max 140kg(including harness) Min 40kg(including harness).


Customers must be at
least 140 cm tall.


Please plan on being on
site for 90 minutes.

If you have a confirmed
booking please arrive 20
minutes before your
booking time to in order
to complete the check-in
process on time.


Please make sure you have walking shoes.
High heels are not allowed.
We will have shoes available for rent if necessary.
Please wear clothes that will accommodate a full body harness, (legs, waist and shoulders).


A phenomenal experience
always deserves ‘PROOF’.

Our photographers will set
you up with photos and a
video to show off your adventure
in the most legendary
way possible.

Solo ¥12,000

Tandem ¥24,000

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