Canyon WALK

The Canyon Walk in Gravity Park is Japan's scariest walk. 100m of undulating swaying footbridge. It is more than 50m above the river. The Canyon Walk is not for the faint of heart or those 'really' scared of heights. It will challenge the most adventurous and scare everyone. Designed to sway UP and Down AND Side to Side the adrenaline rush comes strong and fast...Walk or Dance across it's an amazing feeling to be high and free.
Strong enough to carry a dozen Japanese K cars the Canyon Walk is super safe. And to make it more fun we limit the number of people on it at the same time. A full body harness will keep you safe even if you fall.
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50 m




3,000 ¥

Return Trip



You must be at least 15 years old.


There are no restrictions on weight.


Customers must be at least 140 cm tall.


Please plan on being on site for 90 minutes.
If you have a confirmed booking please arrive 20 minutes before your booking time to in order to complete the checkin process on time.
Please arrive on time, if you are late you may have to wait for an opening in the schedule or worst case, your booking will be cancelled.


Please make sure you have walking shoes.
Open-toed or high heels are not allowed as they can be dangerous on the walk.
We will have shoes available for rent if necessary.
Please wear clothes that will accommodate a full body harness, (legs, waist and shoulders)


A phenomenal experience always deserves 'PROOF'.
Our photographers will set you up with photos and a video to show off your adventure in the most legendary way possible.


Canyon WALK


Canyon FLY

WALK or FLY - YOU Choose

We've built Japan's most exciting Zipline (Canyon Fly) and a unique fun scary footbridge (Canyon Walk).
You choose how you want to go - options:
  • a. Fly over Fly back
  • b. Fly over Walk back
  • c. Walk over Fly back
  • d. Walk over Walk back

¥ 3,000